beautiful body

it’s true when they say your body is your shelter. you must take care of it. moisturize it, massage it, protect it. i strongly feel that if you take care of your body, you are beautiful. feeling content with how your body is, is all up to you. find clothes that flatter your body rather than making you look bland. if you feel and look good, you’re day will be even better. love your body. i can almost 100% guarentee that you’re body is stunning, whether you’re 120lbs or 235. the skinny girls you look up to, are wanting to have the thickness you have. the thick girls you look up to, are wanting to be skinny like you. everyone’s body is great. even though i’m not religious like that, for any reader that is, remember you are his masterpiece, don’t change it. YOU cherish that body, YOURE in control. show them how it’s done (: