First blog post

Knowing me, Britt

My name is Brittany Thomas, I am entering my senior year in high school. I figured I’d start blogging because I’ve always had an interest in being a motivational speaker, so maybe this is the start of a bigger platform. I will be honest and share stories I feel should be told.

 No, my posts are not for everyone, but I’ll try to make it so the majority can relate. 

I love the concept of self-love and everything it provides me with. I have an unconditional love for my siblings and parents. My friends, are those that I can’t see myself with any other. My life is filled with complete happiness. Topics that I choose to blog about, is not only for others, but side notes of what I have experienced and have came to the conclusion of. 
Until the next blog post ❤️


i truly can not express how much you have to be honest with yourself and others. if you just live an honest life, 9 times out of 10, you will live a happy life. don’t put up a front that you’re that ‘laid back person’, or that you don’t care about college even though you really want to go. be honest with yourself. sit down and actually think about what you want to do in life. think about where you see yourself in five years. how do you want kids to look at you when you’re grown. do you want them to be inspired? do you want them to be in awe? cherish you? don’t linger around your high school, when you graduated 2 years ago. don’t hang around 16 year olds, when you’re 25. there needs to come a time where you must lay out the format of your life. ask yourself, who are your real friends? how are you progressing in life? what you’re doing now, is it going to benefit you in the future? yes, i understand that setting definite goals, may be overwhelming but it has to be done, because sitting around at home, is not about to get you anywhere. don’t let your younger siblings pass you up in life. it all starts with a simple question of, are you really happy? are you happy?!! in my opinion, most of society today is not genuinely happy. stop being fake. embrace an honest life and stop living a lie. pick yourself up and do something productive. 

beautiful body

it’s true when they say your body is your shelter. you must take care of it. moisturize it, massage it, protect it. i strongly feel that if you take care of your body, you are beautiful. feeling content with how your body is, is all up to you. find clothes that flatter your body rather than making you look bland. if you feel and look good, you’re day will be even better. love your body. i can almost 100% guarentee that you’re body is stunning, whether you’re 120lbs or 235. the skinny girls you look up to, are wanting to have the thickness you have. the thick girls you look up to, are wanting to be skinny like you. everyone’s body is great. even though i’m not religious like that, for any reader that is, remember you are his masterpiece, don’t change it. YOU cherish that body, YOURE in control. show them how it’s done (:


in today’s society, a lot of people ‘preach’ that you shouldn’t be insecure, how everyone has flaws, so just get over it. however, i strongly disagree, going through an insecurity stage, strengthens you! working you’re way through you flaws, makes your self-love flourish. i have insecurities myself, and i couldn’t be any happier with the young woman i have become. being insecure is natural! everyone goes through it, embrace it and show the better you! 


no, i am not religious. and no, that does not mean i don’t believe in God. it simply means that i was not raised in a house hold that taught me to pray before i eat, go to bible study on Wednesdays, or attend a summer church camp. i go to school with lots of worshippers of the christianity faith, that although being judgemental is a sin, i feel the tension when i express my lack of religion to others. i think people tend to forget that not everyone is raised in that religious lifestyle. living a religious life or not, it’s okay. live a life filled with love, happiness and self-worth.